Acquisition Strategy

Harwood’s Investment in UK residential real estate is supported favourably by demographic trends, the supply/demand imbalance in the housing market, benefiting from long term attractive rental and capital growth prospects.

Our real estate portfolio has enjoyed a strong stream of long-term income, backed with attractive rental growths and opportunities for asset management and future investment. An example of this is Harwood’s Lowestoft PRS portfolio comprising 145 residential units achieving a 7.8% Gross Yield. These continued supply and demand imbalances and economic growth have seen rental growths across the Harwood Real Estate portfolio. As a result of Harwood’s investment into the assets there have been low level of voids, future proofing our scheme, and securing long-term income through efficient estate and property management. 


Asset Management

Rental & Capital Growth

CASE STUDY: Lowestoft & Great Yarmouth

PRS Investment Strategy

Our strategy for investment has three focusses:

Improving Tenant Experience Driving Occupancy

Efficient Management Driving NOI

Operational Costs