Harwood Real Estate

Harwood Real Estate owns a mixed asset class of property investments across the UK. The Harwood Capital Management Group has £2.3 billion of assets under management invested in public and private equities.

Harwood Real Estate is a trading name of Harwood Property Investments Limited.

Harwood Real Estate is the property investment arm of Harwood Capital Management

We invest opportunistically across all sectors and regions of the UK property market. We will consider property investment opportunities across the UK with potential for either income or capital enhancement.

Our existing portfolio of assets have been strategically managed to grow occupancy and income profiles, enhancing asset quality providing accommodation that meets occupier demand.

Harwood Real Estate operates an agile and flexible business model, which is adaptable to market trends and opportunistic proposals. Harwood’s existing portfolio comprises investments in the private rented sector, commercial property, and residential development. Harwood Real Estate are looking to acquire additional investments in towns across the UK which are experiencing increases in rents and capital values.

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Acquisition Requirements

At Harwood Real Estate we are looking to invest opportunistically across all property asset groups and regions of the UK property market.

Meet Our Team

At Harwood Real Estate we have a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals that give us an efficient and professional approach.

Our Portfolio

Harwood’s existing real estate portfolio comprises of attractive and a stablished level of income returns together with prospect of income and capital growth.

Acquisition Strategy

Our strategy is supported favourably by demographic trends, supply/demand imbalance, benefiting from long term attractive rental and capital growth prospects.